How is car technology affecting transport system?

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Technology is allowing improvements in the car production and fuel efficiency.  It lets us drive more sustainably and change our views about cars. Here are the areas where technology is having a significant impact.

Internal combustion

The internal combustion is still there, even though electrical vehicles will capture the market soon. New technologies are used as direct fuel injection, variable valve timing, split cooling system, etc. These allow the engines to warm up more quickly and thus making the car more efficient.

Electric Wheels

Electric cars with fully battery-powered or the hybrid ones are becoming standard. A growing number of electric car manufacturers are entering the market. There are currently 6,500 charge points. The government is investing money on charging networks. Emphasis has been given to low emissions vehicles. If drivers have a charging point installed in their home, they can save on the congestion charges and road tax.

Effect of telematics

Data such as speed, distance, location, acceleration, etc. are hard-wired into the car. It can also be used with GPS-enabled smartphone apps.

Insurance companies are using technology

Insurance companies are using technology to reduce the insurance premiums for young people and riskier drivers. Commercial transport companies rely on technology to reduce the chances of accidents.

Technology has changed the way we take our cars to the road. You must not drive too fast. You should slow down and drive at 50mph instead of 70mph. This will cut fuel costs by 25%. You should avoid constant stops when you travel. If you are likely to stay in one place for more than a minute, then switch off the engine. You should always keep your tyres inflated. By changing the way you drive and with the use of technology, you will be able to drive more sustainably.